Tefan Yusuf

@tefanyusuf (IG)

“I donate to HAF because it’s our duty to care for elders in our own community. Being Harari doesn’t mean just being proud of our culture, it also means having a sense of responsibility for your own. And HAF is doing amazing work to bring light to the needs of our community back home and make it easy for us in the diaspora to support in meaningful way.”

Hasen Abbas

@Trks_Abbas (IG)

HAF gives our elders hope.Through their hard work and donors' generous contributions, they help our disadvantaged elders live a dignified life by covering their basic living necessities.I am honoured to have a part in such a great, fulfilling, and rewarding initiative

Eman Jamie

@Ethio.hararifood (IG)

Indeed, there are so many charities out there doing incredible work to help those needy people. But makes HAF special is that they support disadvantaged Harari elders with no income.Whether we like it or not, being advanced in age, is one of the most sensitive stages in everyone’s life.Often, the elderly in our society is the most overlooked. The government isn't set up to help and protect everyone and that’s why a charity like HAF is here to fill the gap.As Hararis, generosity is in our DNA. Whether it’s through volunteering, fundraising or giving charities. We’re all united in our common goal to help, support, and protect our vulnerable Harari elders.Thank you, Mr. Wahib Omar and the leadership team, on behalf of our Harari elders for your great work and generosity.