Meet Harari Amana Foundation’s Board of Directors.

It is safe to say that almost all of us have been supporting and continue to support our families, friends, neighbors and our community at large, since we left our homeland. Yet, the causes that we have been supporting seem to get worse, instead of getting better or resolved.

Harari Amana Foundation was established in Dec. 2018 mainly to resolve these pressing issues. Disadvantaged Harari elders’ plight could not and will not be solved by individual efforts. Our individual efforts will only be bandaged solutions to problems that require major intervention.

Harari Amana Foundation has been diligently working toward eliminating poverty and despair among Harari elders. Donors & volunteers, YOU, have been the driving force for us to continue serving Harari elders with transparency and accountability, while honoring their dignity and privacy.

Harari Amana Foundation belongs to every Harari around the globe and we are here to channel diaspora funds and resources to the poverty-stricken Harari elders throughout Ethiopia.

Do not get caught up in the accumulation of more, be in the service of those who have less