Is Harari Amana Foundation a registered non-profit organization?

YES. Harari Amana Foundation Inc. (HAF) is a non-profit Organization registered both in USA (HAF USA) and in CANADA (HAF CANADA)

Do I get a tax receipt when I donate to HAF?

YES. HAF will issue a tax recipient for every donation in USA as well as in CANADA.

When do I get my tax receipt for my donations to HAF

HAF will email you the TAX receipt for all your contributions to the previous year, toward the end of February. TAX recipients will ONLY be issued to those who requested via our email with their FULL NAME and CURRENT ADDRESS. Please send your request to Secretary@HarariAmanaFoundation.org Should you need your TAX receipt earlier, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

Can I get my tax recipient via regular mail?

If you email us (Secretary@HarariAmanaFoundation.org) your request in advance with your current address, we will send your tax recipient via regular mail. It will be exactly the same as what we send via email. You print it at your convenience.

Does HAF collect and distribute ZAKAT, ZAKATUL FITR AND FIDYA?

YES. Make sure to specify your contributions as ZAKAT, ZAKATUL FITR or FIDYA when donating.

Do you have HAF representatives outside of USA to collect donations?

YES. Use our “Contact Us” page of this website to send us an email with your name, phone number and the best time to reach you. One of the HAF representatives for your area will contact you shortly.

Is there another way to donate to HAF other than this website?

Can a member visit the recipients when he/she goes back home?

YES. For any HAF member or donor who is traveling to Harar, given ample notice and timeline, we will coordinate with our HAF Officers in Harar, for a personal visit (Ziara) of our “Ayaach & Awaach”. This will give the visitor firsthand experience of HAF’s efforts, as well as, provide a unique and priceless opportunity to be showered by their personal, sincere and powerful “Duas”. One of HAF’s strong stands is to protect and maintain the respect, dignity and identity of our recipients. No recording of audio/video will be allowed by visitors. All necessary recordings will ONLY be done by HAF Officers. Please send us your request via email (info@HarariAmanaFoundation.org), at least one week prior to your planned visit, InshaAllah.

Does HAF has Udheya/Qurbani service?”

YES. HAF has been serving Harari and other community members during this blessed occasion since 2019. HAF will post flyers via Social Media at least a month prior, collecting funds for Udheya/Qurbani service.